5 Best AI Photo Editors for Android and iOS [2024]

Best AI Photo Editors for Android and iOS: AI-powered photo editing apps have revolutionized mobile photography. With powerful algorithms, these apps can instantly apply complex edits with just a tap that previously required manual adjustments and expertise. In this article, we will look at the top 5 AI photo editors optimized for Android and iOS that stand out for their exceptional features, ease of use, and magical editing capabilities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an AI Photo Editor:

There are many Factors to Consider When Choosing an AI Photo Editor that given are below:

a. Platform Support and Optimization

Ensure the app is designed specifically for your mobile platform for stability and better feature integration. Android and iOS apps can vary significantly.

b. AI Editing Capabilities

Look for style transfer, automatic adjustments, relighting, filters, creative effects and other smart features powered by AI. The more advanced the technology, the better the results.

c. Ease of Use

The app should have an intuitive interface that makes photo editing simple even for beginners. Complex apps have a steep learning curve.

d. Customization Options

Look for granular control over edits like selective adjustments as well as options to tweak auto-edits for more desirable outcomes.

e. Output Quality

The enhanced photos should have high clarity without excessive processing artifacts or loss of realistic quality.

f. Sharing and Export Options

Ability to share quickly on social media and export edited photos to your camera roll at full resolution.

g. Pricing

Some feature advanced paid plans so consider your usage needs and budget. Many offer decent features free.

Best AI Photo Editors for Android and iOS:

The Best AI Photo Editors for Android and iOS are given below:

a. Adobe Photoshop Express

As the mobile version of the most popular advanced desktop editing software, Adobe Photoshop Express packs many smart AI tools. The Auto Tone function applies automatic contrast and color adjustments using AI. You also get AI-based one-tap transformations like painting, pencil sketches and enhanced details. Looks are further customizable and it supports both layer-based collage making and selective adjustments.

With support for RAW photos and lossless image exports, quality is uncompromised. Easy sharing to social media straight from app makes Photoshop Express one of the best AI editing solutions despite the learning curve.

Platform: Android, iOS
Key AI Features: Auto Tone, Auto Correct, Magic Fixes, Styles, Effects
Ideal For: Pro/enthusiast mobile photographers

b. Snapseed

Snapseed by Google is a favorite go-to image editor for casual photo enhancements and creative fun. The AI tools auto adjust and beautify photos with a single tap through the Tune Image filter. It also enables intelligent selective editing to independently process parts of a photo based on the algorithms understanding of objects in the image.

With a host of one-click looks under Looks that deliver striking transformations, Snapseed simplifies creative editing. Comprehensive manual adjustment tools and filters further bolster options. The easy-to-use UI, fast saving to device gallery and flexible export sizes make Snapseed the best AI camera app for average users.

Platform: Android, iOS
Key AI Features: Tune Image, Selective Adjust, Looks
Ideal For: Casual photographers

c. PhotoWizard

For users desiring maximum AI photo effects and styles for dramatic makeovers, PhotoWizard delivers the goods. It puts analysis of facial features to good use through Beautify tools that allow anti-aging skin smoothing. Fun face montages, distortions and appendages add flair.

Built-in uncommented neural networks do the heavy lifting whether it is flawless scene recognition for intelligent auto correction or reference learning for inspired artistic transformations. Over 40 categories with thousands of looks powered by AI puts almost limitless creative enhancement possibilities in your hands.

Platform: Android, iOS
Key AI Features: Photo Enhancer, Style Transfer, Face Editor & Effects, Photo Montages
Ideal For: Mainstream users who love AI effects

d. Pixelmator

This fully-featured image editor leverages machine learning for stunning intelligent photo enhancements. Depending on the state of the original image, the ML Enhance function may apply automatic color adjustments, noise reduction, sharpness and a variety of improvements tailored to the photo. The ML Crop tool suggests intelligently cropped orientations and ratios to focus on key subjects.

For creative impact, it offers ML Super Resolution to increase image size without quality loss. Powered by Core ML, Pixelmator makes it easy to get excellent results on iPhone and iPad. The wide toolset does have a learning curve but unlocks professional editing freedom.

Platform: iOS
Key AI Features: ML Enhance, ML Crop, ML Super Resolution
Ideal For: Professional photo editors

e. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma pioneered AI neural art filters for photos and still leads the segment in terms of transformative effects. Choose from an ever-expanding collection of stylized art filter effects powered by machine learning algorithms trained on real artwork. Give photos the texture of oil paintings, pencil sketches, illustrations and more with one tap.

Artistic portrait beautification tools, background changers and fast presets enhance images quickly. Automatic tuning adjusts brightness, highlights, contrast etc with AI guidance. Prisma is the undisputed leader in AI style transfer and transforms normal shots into otherworldly digital art.

Platform: Android, iOS
Key AI Features: Art Filters, Portrait Beautification, Style Transfer
Ideal For: Social media content creators seeking style


AI-enabled apps like these free users from complex manual editing to achieve stunning effects and corrections with ease. Some excel at intelligent auto adjustments while others specialize in artistic transformations powered by neural networks. Figure out the kind of mobile photo editing features you desire to narrow down to the best AI camera app per your budget that suits your skill level. Your photography will ascend new creative heights!

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