How to Create a Logo Using Brandmark AI on iPhone [2024]

How to Create a Logo Using Brandmark AI on iPhone: Brandmark AI is an app that allows you to easily create custom logos for your business or brand using artificial intelligence on your iPhone. Having a professional and recognizable logo is important for establishing your brand identity. Brandmark makes logo design simple, even if you don’t have design experience. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through how to use all the features of Brandmark AI to design an eye-catching logo on your iPhone.

Getting Started with Brandmark AI:

The first step is to download Brandmark AI from the iOS App Store. It’s a free app so you won’t have to worry about any charges. Once it finishes installing, open up the app. You’ll see options to view tutorial videos explaining how Brandmark works or you can just dive right in to start designing. The interface is very intuitive with all the tools displayed upfront.

At the bottom, tap on the “Start designing” button which will take you into the logo design workspace. This is where you can start customizing shapes, icons, fonts and colors to create your logo. Brandmark offers many templates featuring different layouts like badges, lettermarks and more to help spark your creativity.

Choosing a Template:

Once in the designing workspace, you’ll see the template gallery on the left side. Tapping on any template preview will load it into the editing area. Scroll through and select a template style that you like or that fits the image you have for your brand. I recommend shortlisting 2-3 options first before finalizing.

Some aspects to consider when choosing a template are:

  • Style and industry fit – Does the icon and font used match your brand personality?
  • Legibility – Avoid intricate templates if you want an easily readable logo
  • Adaptability – Pick a simple, versatile design if you want to use across different media

Take your time to explore all the choices. The templates are categorized too making it easy to filter based on type – abstract, initials, animals etc. Once you’ve found one you like, tap on it to move it to the editing space.

Customizing Shapes and Icons:

A key aspect of designing a unique logo is choosing shapes and icons that represent your brand. Brandmark gives youmultiple customizable shapes to work with. Tap on the shape in the template to open up the shape gallery.

You’ll find simple geometric shapes, intricate patterns as well as outline illustrations categorized neatly. I suggest tapping the filters button to only view relevant icons for your business niche. Search for any object by name if you have something specific in mind.

Once you find an icon or shape, tap to replace the existing placeholder in the template with your choice. You can pinch and zoom to resize or drag to position the element exactly where you want within the artboard. Repeat with other elements till you get a combination that clicks.

Choosing Fonts and Text:

Along with the imagery, the typography makes a huge impact on the logo personality and branding. Brandmark provides an expansive set of fonts from elegant serif lettering to bold all-caps designs.

To edit the template text, simply double tap the text block. This will open up the font selection tray. Browse through different font styles tapping to preview how text appears with each. Consider modern vs classic and formal vs casual when picking.

With the right font selected, delete the placeholder and type in your business name or initials. Use the transform tool to resize, rotate or move the text block. For multiple lines of text, tap the + icon at the bottom to add more text boxes. Position and style each one accordingly.

Playing With Color Palettes:

Getting the right color scheme can mean the difference between an average and outstanding logo. Once you have finalized the shapes and typography, move on to colors.

Tap the palette icon to open the color picker. Several predefined color combination presets are available based on themes and industries like retail, tech, beauty etc. Scroll and select any that appeals to your brand personality.

Alternatively tap the color wheel to pick one dominant or accent color. You can directly input hex or RGB values if aiming for specific shades. Tap the paint bucket icon to apply colors selectively across the logo elements. Get creative mixing and matching till you land on the perfect hue.

Enhancing Details and Applying Effects:

At this point you likely have a decent draft logo but polish it further using Brandmark’s enhancement tools. Open the enhancement tray by tapping the magic wand button in the top toolbar.

Several nifty filters are available here – gradient, shadows, chromatic aberrations and more. Use sparingly as you don’t want to clutter the design. I would pick no more than 1 or 2 effects. Try each filter preview first before applying to see what appeals best.

For finishing touches, adjust aspect ratios, align elements, group logo components and distribute spacing evenly. Tweak indvidual points on vector curves using the pen tool if applicable. These enhancement steps really help finesse the end result.

Evaluating and Saving Your Logo:

Before exporting your freshly minted logo, evaluate objectively by doing the following checks:

  • Preview on max zoom to spot any grainy sections needing smoothing
  • View against white and black backgrounds checking contrasts
  • Visualize scaled up and scaled down to test responsiveness
  • Review shape alignments/overlaps to catch any irregularities
  • Verify text spellings multiple times avoiding mistakes

Make changes whereever required using the previous edit tools. Keep massaging till the logo visually conveys your brand story flawlessly. Finally, tap the save icon to title the logo and store on your device gallery.

The logo gets downloaded transparent PNG format by default for flexible use anywhere. You additionally have options to save JPG, SVG or PDF files too. Your logo is now ready to be added across online and offline brand assets!

Premium Version Upgrades:

While Brandmark’s free version offers abundant design capabilities a few additional benefits come with Premium monthly ($4.99) or yearly ($29.99) plans. Specifically you get access to:

  • Commercial usage rights for monetizing logo design skills
  • Expanded template, icon and font libraries adding more variety
  • Option to save/export logo as editable PSD Photoshop file
  • Removal of Brandmark watermark from exported logo for cleaner look
  • Higher image export resolutions of 5000 x 5000 pixels
  • Unlimited cloud storage and logo design history access

I recommend trying out the feature-rich free app first before deciding if the Premium features above warrant an upgrade for your usage. Either way, Brandmark AI makes easy work of crafting a custom polished logo via iPhone eliminating expensive design fees.

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

Like any design application, you may face minor technical issues when using Brandmark. Here are some common problems with fixes to get you back to logo designing swiftly:

  1. App crashing unexpectedly: This is likely device OS or storage related. Try freeing storage space and updating iOS before re-installing.
  2. Can’t find desired font or image asset: Brandmark’s assets are constantly being updated so check for pending app updates. For specific assets missed, send a request mail to their support team.
  3. Sluggish editing response: Close and re-open the project if any tools start lagging in responsiveness. Also check internet connectivity.
  4. Pixelated low-resolution exports: Enable Premium account and max out image resolution. Upsizing post-export also works.

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