How To Use Kobold AI For Janitor AI? [2024]

KoboldAI is an artificial intelligence system that can generate text, images, and other content. It uses a technique called deep learning that allows it to “learn” from large datasets and produce high-quality output.

Janitor AI is an AI assistant that helps manage workflows, correct data errors, consolidate information, and handle repetitive tasks. It is designed to augment and enhance human capabilities. Together, KoboldAI and Janitor AI can be a powerful combination.

In this article, we will explore how to use KoboldAI’s natural language generation abilities and Janitor AI’s corrective and organizational skills to create an AI workflow assistant.

Benefits of Combining KoboldAI and Janitor AI

Using KoboldAI for natural language generation and Janitor AI for organization and correction provides several advantages:

1. Increased Productivity

KoboldAI can automatically generate large amounts of text, freeing up time for more important tasks. Janitor AI can then review the content, correct any errors, and structure it properly. This saves significant human effort.

2. Higher Quality Output

Janitor AI’s abilities to refine and enhance content results in higher quality final output. Any incorrect data, logical gaps, formatting issues, or other problems can be automatically fixed.

3. Customized Workflows

KoboldAI generates initial drafts based on custom inputs and parameters. Janitor AI allows setting automated workflow steps for analysis, correction, summaries, data management, and more.

4. 24/7 Productivity

As AIs, KoboldAI and Janitor AI can work around the clock without tiring. This allows tasks to be automated at any hour for continuous productivity.

Combining best-in-class natural language generation and data/content refinement provides immense possibilities. Next we will explore how to implement this AI combination for different goals.

Setting Up KoboldAI and Janitor AI

Using KoboldAI and Janitor AI together requires accounts with both services. Most of the configuration takes place on the Janitor AI side. Here are the steps to set up:

1. Get KoboldAI Account

Sign up for KoboldAI through the website. Multiple pricing tiers are available depending on your usage needs.

2. Get Janitor AI Account

Visit the Janitor AI website to create your account. A free tier is available for basic usage. Paid plans provide more workflow steps and compute power.

3. Connect Kobold Input

In Janitor AI, connect your KoboldAI account as an input source. Select desired inputs like frequency, parameters, quality levels etc.

4. Build Output Workflow

Configure output connections in Janitor AI for storage, correction, summarization and analysis of KoboldAI content. Automate steps based on needs.

And that’s it! KoboldAI can now automatically generate content that will be directed through your customized Janitor AI workflows.

Use Cases and Possibilities

With the foundation setup, many possible use cases emerge for leveraging AI generated content refined by Janitor AI. Some possibilities include:

Research Content Creation

Automatically generate draft research papers, essays, analysis documents that Janitor AI can then refine, format, and summarize into high quality content.

Data Management

Ingest raw data from various sources into KoboldAI to produce clean, organized Excel reports, SQL tables, JSON objects for databases thanks to Janitor AI correction and structuring capabilities .

Article Writing

Produce long-form explanatory articles on complex topics fully automated. Assign keywords, topics, length etc in KoboldAI form which Janitor AI can correct grammar, enhance vocabulary and style.

Email/Survey Response

Respond to emails, surveys, inquiries automatically through KoboldAI natural language then send the responses after Janitor AI filters bad language, fixes typos, removes bias and improves phrasing.

Categorization and Tagging

Have KoboldAI generate titles, descriptions and tags for photos, videos, documents which Janitor AI will verify and consolidate into a taxonomy. Useful for managing categorization at scale.

The possibilities are truly endless when leveraging both GPT powered text generation and specialized refinement for quality and structure. Next we dive deeper into configuration…

Configuring KoboldAI Settings

To produce quality content for revision by Janitor AI, KoboldAI must be properly configured based on the use case. Key parameters to set include:

Context Priming

Provide initial context to frame responses for the desired topic, style and depth. This primes the AI to stay on track.

Length Controls

Set minimum and maximum length parameters like word count, number of paragraphs etc to control output size.

Quality Levels

Higher quality increases coherence but also cost. Find the sweet spot between cost, speed and coherence.

Bidirectional Encoding

Enables clearer, more contextual responses through bidirectional encoding vectors. Provides accuracy lift.

Fine Tune Model

Optional: Further train KoboldAI model on specific data for specialized performance boost in niche domains.

Janitor AI Workflow Steps

Janitor AI provides an array of workflow modules to refine, correct, analyze, structure and manage AI generated content:

Analyze Data

Scan content for statistics, trends, insights and hidden patterns across dimensions like sentiment, topics, summaries, keywords etc.

Validate Facts

Cross check content for factual consistency against known credible sources to identify potential inaccuracies.

Correct Grammar

Fix issues like spelling mistakes, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, repetitive phrasing.

Refine Style & Tone

Tune vocabulary complexity, sentence structure, word choice appropriate for the target reader and formality levels.

Check for Bias

Detect elements that skew perspective like race, gender, political bias and neutralize objectively.

Establish Structure

Organize disjointed content into well structured order including hierarchy, formatting, headers etc.

Generate Summary

Produce abstractive summaries preserving key details and main ideas from verbose content in clear concise language.

Advanced Integrations

Beyond the core workflow, KoboldAI and Janitor AI integrate well with other services for further benefits:

Cloud Storage

Connect Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and more to directly store refined content produced at any scale. Avoid manual downloads.


Integrate Janitor AI workflows into platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk to automatically generate and refine customer communications at scale.

BI Tools

Stream analyzed, cleaned structured data from Janitor AI directly into business intelligence tools like Tableau, Power BI, Looker for dashboard visibility.


Output refined, error corrected KoboldAI generated spreadsheets and data directly into tools like Excel, Google Sheets, Airtable saving tons of manual wrangling effort.

SEO Tools

Automatically direct Janitor AI improved content into SEO platforms like Ahrefs, Moz and SEMrush to optimize, analyze reach and refine towards higher organic performance.


The ability for KoboldAI to automatically produce vast amounts of intelligent content combined with Janitor AI for structure, accuracy and refinement provides game changing AI augmentation potential.

With custom configuration spanning parameters, workflow steps, integrations and more – immense possibilities emerge to build automated, high quality scalable solutions previously unimaginable.

The future of leveraging AI for AI will drive step function productivity gains, efficiency and quality across many domains from research to writing and far beyond.

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What is Kobold AI?

Kobold AI is an artificial intelligence system that can generate text, images, and other content. It uses deep learning techniques to produce high-quality and coherent outputs based on custom inputs and parameters.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is an AI assistant focused on data organization, workflow automation, content refinement, and improving human capabilities. It provides tools to structure information, check for errors, summarize text, and more.

How can I connect Kobold AI to Janitor AI?

You can connect your Kobold AI account as an input source in Janitor AI. This allows automatically generating content from Kobold AI that gets directed into Janitor AI for additional processing and workflows.

What kind of processing can Janitor AI do on Kobold AI outputs?

Janitor AI can refine Kobold AI outputs by fixing grammar issues, enhancing vocabulary and style, checking for bias, establishing better structure, summarizing verbose text, analyzing sentiment and topics, validating facts, and more.

What are some key benefits of connecting the two AIs?

Key benefits include increased productivity, higher quality output, ability to create customized AI workflows, and 24/7 automation potential. Combining natural language generation with data/content refinement is very powerful.

What are some common use cases for using the tools together?

Use cases include automated research content creation, article writing, email/survey response generation, data management and transformation, enterprise content refinement, and more. Imagination is the limit.

How can I customize settings in Kobold AI?

Key customization parameters include context priming, length controls, quality levels, bidirectional encoding, and fine tuning on specific datasets. This allows producing outputs optimized for downstream Janitor AI workflows.

What are some examples of Janitor AI workflow steps?

Janitor AI provides modules like analyzing data trends, validating factual accuracy, correcting grammar/spelling, refining writing style, checking bias, establishing document structure, generating summaries, and simplifying complex language.

Can I connect Janitor AI workflows to other platforms?

Yes, Janitor AI integrates well with cloud storage platforms, BI tools, spreadsheets, CRMs, and SEO tools to streamline sharing refined content produced at scale across workflows.

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