Is Yandere Simulator available on PC?

Is Yandere Simulator available on PC? Yandere Simulator is an indie stealth game for PC that has developed a cult following over the years, despite still being in development. The game puts the player in control of a Japanese high school girl named Ayano Aishi, nicknamed “Yandere-chan” due to her violent obsession with a fellow student. As Ayano, the player must eliminate any rivals for her love interest’s affection by any means necessary.

Yandere Simulator’s Development History:

Yandere Simulator originally began development in 2014 by a programmer known pseudonymously as “YandereDev.” He began working on it as a hobby project with no budget, slowly adding new features and content over time.

In 6 years of ongoing development, YandereDev has built an impressively complex sandbox simulation of a Japanese high school that allows for elaborate strategies to eliminate rivals non-lethally or lethally. The game gives the player a surprising amount of freedom in approaching objectives. This developmental approach of continuous, iterative improvements created a dedicated fanbase that eagerly awaited each new update.

Exclusively Available for Windows PCs:

Despite calls from fans to port Yandere Simulator to other platforms like Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone, it remains a Windows PC exclusive to this day. YandereDev has explained that the game’s codebase relies heavily on Windows-specific middleware and libraries that would need to be replaced to work cross-platform. The lone developer’s time is already strained just supporting the Windows version.

However, most gaming computers run Windows anyway. And the game’s modest graphical requirements mean nearly any decent Windows PC, laptop, or tablet can run Yandere Simulator. So the Windows exclusivity is only an issue for non-PC devices.

Can You Play on Mac?

There is no native Mac version of Yandere Simulator. The developer himself uses a Windows machine, and has prioritized getting the game working well on Windows first before considering other operating systems. However, there are some options for Mac users to play the game:

  • Use Boot Camp to install and boot into Windows 10 on a Mac. Then install and run Yandere Simulator like any other Windows PC game.
  • Use software like Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion to virtualize Windows 10 within macOS. This may impact game performance compared to native Boot Camp, but allows switching between Windows and Mac OS.
  • Use the unofficial macOS port called “LoveSick.” This was created by fans and runs natively on Mac hardware. But it lags significantly behind the official Windows game in terms of content and updates.

So in summary – Mac owners can access Yandere Simulator through virtualization or an unofficial port, but the native Windows version on Boot Camp remains the best experience.

Chromebooks Cannot Run Yandere Simulator:

Chromebooks only support web-based apps and Android mobile apps. They cannot natively run traditional PC games built for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Yandere Simulator has only ever been available for Windows PCs.

However, newer Chromebooks do support running Linux. So in theory, it may eventually be possible to install and run Yandere Simulator on a Chromebook if someone ports the game source code to Linux. But there are no signs of this happening any time soon. For now, Chrombooks have no access to Yandere Simulator whatsoever.

Mobile Versions – Android and iPhone:

Yandere Simulator has often been requested for Android and iPhone devices. However, the developer has not yet attempted mobile ports. The game’s complexity probably means significant changes would be needed to work on touchscreen devices.

There are fan-made Yandere Simulator apps on both Android and iPhone. But these are not official versions – they merely try to imitate some of the game’s concepts within the limitations of mobile platforms. They do not offer the full experience compared to the Windows game.


To summarize clearly:

  • Yandere Simulator is only officially available for Windows PCs.
  • It works on any recent Windows computer, laptop, or tablet with decent specs.
  • There are unofficial options to play on Mac as well.
  • But no mobile or Chromebook support exists yet, though Linux/Chromebook ports may be possible someday.

So if you want to play the latest version of Yandere Simulator and enjoy the full depth of content it offers, a Windows 10 device remains the only suitable platform in 2023 and the foreseeable future. The game’s development prioritizes the Windows experience first before considering ports to other operating systems.

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