Who’s The Tekken 8 Final Boss? [2024]

Who’s The Tekken 8 Final Boss? Tekken 8 is the upcoming installment in the popular 3D fighting game franchise Tekken. As with previous games, Tekken 8 will feature a final boss that players must defeat after progressing through the game’s various modes and options. In this article, we will explore who the Tekken 8 final boss is expected to be based on storylines and events from past Tekken games as well as some speculative reasoning.

The Identity of True Devil Kazuya:

The main antagonist and final boss of Tekken 8 is highly expected to be True Devil Kazuya. Kazuya Mishima is one of the central characters of the Tekken series and made his first appearance in the original Tekken game in 1994. He is the son of Heihachi Mishima and possesses the Devil Gene, which allows him to transform into a powerful devil form.

Over the course of the Tekken games, Kazuya has struggled to control the evil energies of the Devil Gene. At various points, he has transformed into a partial devil form called Devil Kazuya. However, in Tekken 8, Kazuya is foreshadowed to fully give in to the Devil Gene and assume his true devil form, known as True Devil Kazuya. This complete transformation will make him incredibly powerful and the final challenge that players must overcome.

Evidence from the Tekken 7 Story Campaign:

The ending of Tekken 7’s story campaign contains several clues that point to True Devil Kazuya being the final boss of Tekken 8. During the final battle, Kazuya defeats Heihachi and throws him into a volcano. This is payback for Heihachi throwing Kazuya into that same volcano after Tekken 2.

In the closing moments of Tekken 7, Kazuya fully gives in to the Devil Gene and states that he cannot be stopped. His eyes turn bright red, indicating his quickening transformation. The story ends on this cliffhanger, clearly foreshadowing that Kazuya will complete his change into True Devil Kazuya in the next game.

Additionally, the post-credits scene shows Kazuya walking away from Heihachi’s burning corpse with devil wings sprouting from his back. This directly sets up his full emergence as True Devil Kazuya in the sequel. The Tekken developers alluded that they have further plans for Kazuya’s devil transformation leading into the events of Tekken 8.

The Significance of the Devil Gene Storyline:

The Devil Gene storyline involving Kazuya and Jin Kazama has been one of the core narratives throughout the Tekken games. With Heihachi now dead at Kazuya’s hands, there are no more obstacles preventing Kazuya from fully becoming True Devil Kazuya. This is a pivotal moment that the series has been building towards for decades. Having True Devil Kazuya serve as Tekken 8’s climactic final boss would be the ultimate payoff.

The playable character roster for Tekken 8 has not been revealed yet. However, Kazuya will undoubtedly be featured and the game will explore the stakes and consequences of him losing his humanity to become a fearsome devil overlord. It builds anticipation for an epic final battle in Tekken 8’s story mode against the tyrannical True Devil Kazuya.

Kazuya’s Motivations as True Devil Kazuya:

Assuming his role as the main antagonist, True Devil Kazuya will likely be motivated by power and domination in Tekken 8. He has tried at various points throughout the Tekken story to take control of the Mishima Zaibatsu – the corporation founded by his grandfather Jinpachi Mishima that wields global influence. With his father Heihachi now gone, Kazuya has cleared the way to successfully gain control of the company.

Wielding the vast resources and technology of the Mishima Zaibatsu in conjunction with his terrifying devil powers, True Devil Kazuya will aim for world subjugation in Tekken 8. He may also attempt to eliminate Jin Kazama, who possesses the other strand of the Devil Gene. Defeating his son would quell any threats to his rule. Other Tekken fighters will stand in opposition to True Devil Kazuya’s plans for conquest and domination, leading up to the climactic final clash of Tekken 8’s story mode.

Relation to Jun Kazama and Unknown:

There has been speculation amongst fans that Jun Kazama may also play an integral role in Tekken 8’s story involving True Devil Kazuya. Jun was the mother of Jin Kazama and had a past romance with Kazuya as seen in Tekken 2. Long absent from the series, Jun finally returned in Tekken 7’s DLC as a non-playable boss character going by the name Unknown.

Jun was able to suppress the evil energies of Devil Kazuya in the past. Some fans believe Tekken 8 will explore this relationship further and possibly have Jun attempt to stop Kazuya’s transformation into True Devil Kazuya. Perhaps Jun will appear at the climax as one last obstacle trying to prevent Kazuya from fully emerging as the fearsome, diabolical final boss. It adds more personal stakes to the final conflict.

The Impact of Akuma:

The crossover guest character Akuma from the Street Fighter series has factored prominently into recent Tekken games, including Tekken 7. Akuma possesses dark powers linked to an entity known as the Tao De Oni. In Tekken 7, Akuma tried to goad Kazuya into fully giving in to his devil form so they can have a fight to the death. Although non-canon, Akuma did defeat True Devil Kazuya in one of Tekken 7’s DLC endings.

It is possible that Akuma could play a role in catalyzing Kazuya’s complete transformation into True Devil Kazuya in the leadup to Tekken 8. Perhaps the two will have their fated battle with Kazuya emerging victorious. Akuma eagerly wishes to fight against Kazuya’s complete, unrestrained form. But this may ultimately lead to dire consequences with True Devil Kazuya out of control as Tekken 8’s final boss.

Potential Move Set and Abilities:

As the fearsome final boss, True Devil Kazuya will likely have some extremely powerful abilities and moves for players to contend with. As a combination of Kazuya’s Mishima-style Karate and the Devil Gene’s dark energies, True Devil Kazuya will pose the ultimate challenge for opponents.

Given complete control by the player or as a non-playable boss, past Devil Kazuya forms have utilized moves like Devil Blaster, a purple laser beam fired from his third eye on his forehead. This allows him to zone opponents from a distance. Up close, he can utilize several slashing claw strike attacks enhanced by the Devil Gene as well as stalwart Mishima Karate skills like the Electric Wind Godfist.

We can expect True Devil Kazuya to retain these moves but amplified even further, with additional wings providing extended aerial mobility. True Devil Kazuya may also utilize elements, conjuring demonic fire against opponents. Some fans speculate he could even call upon angelic counterparts like Devil Jin to test player skill in a climactic final battle. Regardless, defeating True Devil Kazuya will require great focus and mastery of Tekken gameplay mechanics.

Conclusion & Speculation Going Forward:

In closing, while Namco Bandai has not definitively confirmed the identity of Tekken 8’s final boss yet, True Devil Kazuya is the most logical outcome based on Tekken 7’s story events and the trajectory of the overarching series narrative. The legendary struggle between the members of the Mishima bloodline and the metaphysical Devil Gene has been building towards this outcome for quite some time.

Kazuya fully giving into his inner darkness poses intriguing questions. Could this possibly set up Kazuya’s son Jin as the protagonist for Tekken 8, fighting to save his father’s soul? Or perhaps we will control a custom fighter through Tekken 8’s story mode with the overall goal of taking down the tyrannical True Devil Kazuya. Fan speculation will continue running rampant until more concrete details on Tekken 8 emerge. For now, True Devil Kazuya seemingly lies in wait as the foreboding final challenge players must overcome to complete the next chapter in the Tekken saga!


Who is the expected final boss of Tekken 8?

Based on storylines and events from previous Tekken games, the final boss of Tekken 8 is highly expected to be True Devil Kazuya – the full devil form of Kazuya Mishima after he loses the last of his humanity and becomes a powerful demonic overlord.

What evidence points to True Devil Kazuya being the Tekken 8 final boss?

The ending of Tekken 7 shows Kazuya beginning to transform after throwing Heihachi into a volcano. This sets up his full emergence as True Devil Kazuya in Tekken 8. His Tekken 7 ending also depicts him with devil wings sprouting from his back.

Why is the Devil Gene storyline significant?

The conflict involving Kazuya’s Devil Gene has been a core narrative in Tekken for decades. Having True Devil Kazuya serve as Tekken 8’s final boss would provide payoff for this long-running plot line about Kazuya’s inner darkness and struggle with his demonic transformation.

What motivations might True Devil Kazuya have?

As the main antagonist, True Devil Kazuya may seek world domination and control of the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation. He will have cleared any obstacles like Heihachi after taking his father’s life. This grants him access to massive resources to conquer all opposition, with Jin Kazama likely being his key rival.

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